Help 4 Houston

September 01, 2017


Help 4 Houston

The brave citizens of Houston have been in all of our thoughts here at SOAS. We cannot possibly begin to imagine the nightmare they have been forced to live through these past few days and wanted to do our part to help in any way possible. We felt it was important to take the time to expand on our Help 4 Houston hats for anyone that wanted to help us support those affected by the storm. 

Our SOAS Ambassadors and customers are the backbone of what we do, we wouldn't be who we are today without them. Today many of them are currently facing the devastating impacts of Hurricane Harvey. Some of them have been able to evacuate but are forced to stand idly by as they wait to see if their homes end up flooded and pray their close friends and family are able to make it to safety. Every life affected by this disaster matters, and personally knowing some of the impossibly kind people that have been affected by this just makes it that much more devastating.  




Every single penny of the proceeds from our H4H hats will be donated to help those in Houston that are facing the storm. We will be setting aside as much of our time as we possibly can to produce the hats and will be accepting orders through Labor Day. We are not making any profits from the manufacturing or distribution of these hats, nor do we feel the need to advertise our actions.

We are sending this message because we feel it is important for everyone to do their part to raise awareness and hopefully galvanize others in turn- to do what they can, in whatever capacity they can. We are sending this message so that those in Houston know that they are in our thoughts and have all of our love and support. 

What the citizens of Houston must be going through right now, the anguish and fear - of losing your home or your loved ones, is a feeling we cannot begin to comprehend. All we can do is ensure we help out in any facet we can. We urge everyone to please do the same. 


H4H Hats: 

More ways to help out:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund:

Houston Food Bank:

United Way of Greater Houston:

American Red Cross:

Direct Relief:

Save the Children:

There are a plenty of other organizations that are offering their help for those in Houston and unfortunately we feel it necessary to caution everyone to check Charity Navigator and do some research before deciding where to send aid to. 

If there are any other organizations or ways to help out you would like us to highlight please let us know.  

All of our love,

The SOAS Team 


Today we thought we'd share some of our favorite female-led sports films because who doesn't love inspirational, unapologetically awesome leading ladies?!

In all seriousness, media portrayals of females can strongly impact young girls who tend to be most impressionable in their youth, so films that highlight strong, empathetic, capable young women are always winners in our book. 

The way women are captured in film and TV is a powerful thing. The big screen is a pervasive tool that is meant to capture and reflect back the society it is a part of. Every time a woman is depicted as a mere decorative side-character, an attractive prop to inflate the ego of her leading counterpart, a young girl is reminded that this is her role as seen through the eyes of her society. The message is cemented that these are the cards she has been dealt, this is the mold that has been left for her to fill.

Conversely, the same holds true when young girls are presented with depictions of themselves as smart, thoughtful, interesting and multi-dimensional individuals. It becomes a form of validation for a young girl's ambition to see an example she can identify with, a version of herself where she is the main character of her own story, not necessarily for her looks or relationship with a man but because she has her own story worth telling. So here's to more Jesminder's, may there be many more like her in the years to come.     


If you're ever in need of some motivation to feel like the unstoppable lady boss you are, or if you just want an excuse to watch some thoroughly enjoyable movies on your couch with some popcorn, here are a few of our favorite athletic movies featuring fierce female leads!


(In no particular order)

1. A League of Their Own (1992 - Penny Marshall)


This film revolves around the real-life all-girls professional baseball team started during World War II and tells the story of the creation of the team during the height of the War. During this time since most of the male baseball players were sent off to battle there was a shortage of players so recruiters began to look at female players for substitutes. Dottie & Kit, two rival sisters get scouted to come to Chicago to try out for the team and end up with an alcoholic Tom Hanks (Jimmy Dugan) as their coach! As is to be expected during the time period the all-girls team is met with plenty of jeers and incredulity upon their arrival but that does nothing to dampen their spirits. The film shows their journey, both as a team and as individuals, to the World Series, and is full of laughs and deeply riveting clashes. If that wasn't enough to get you interested Madonna aka the Queen of Pop is in it too.       


2. Million Dollar Baby (2004 - Clint Eastwood)

Good ol Clint, back at it again with some phenomenal directing. Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman are an unbeatable trio in telling the tale of a relentless young woman named Maggie who's determined to become a professional boxer. Maggie (Swank) shows up to Frankie's (Eastwood) studio demanding he help train her, and Frankie who comes across as harsh and unwelcoming is at first extremely resistant, but Maggie insists. Eventually he succumbs and thus begins their enchanting journey into the depths of the boxing world. As Maggie's talent grows so too does their bond. It's a deeply moving film and definitely a must watch in our humble opinion with some incredible acting.  


3. Center Stage (2000 - Nicholas Hytner)


This story revolves around a group of teenagers who enter the prestigious American Ballet Academy where they're all under immense pressure (both physically and mentally) to train to the bone in hopes that they'll be asked to join the American Ballet Company. The movie doesn't showcase the life of a ballerina as all glitz and glam, it sheds light on the immense athleticism and dedication it takes to survive in the ballet world. The three female leads, all equally different and complex, go through their own personal journeys throughout the film. The story is captivating and the dancing scenes interwoven throughout are a joy to watch.      


4. Bend it Like Beckham (2003 - Gurinder Chadha) 

Women's soccer


Jesminder Bjamra (aka Jess) comes from a traditional Indian household where her mother only sees soccer as a medium through which girls can show off their legs. Despite the lack of support from her family she continues to harbor her passion for soccer (or football if you like), and often vents to her beloved David Beckham poster in her room. She meets a girl from a professional soccer team who wants to scout her to join their team. Does she make the team? Does she ever meet her insanely handsome idol David Beckham? Well that's why the movie exists people, we're not telling. 


5. Ice Princess (2005 - Tim Fywell)

Figure Skating Photo


A break from the soccer scene, this story revolves around the studious, well-to do young girl named Casey who, instead of following in her mother's footsteps and going to an Ivy League wants to follow her passion of ice skating. Though essentially everyone in her inner circle discourages her from doing so she is able to find strength from her own belief in herself and her personal drive. It's by no means an easy journey, but through it she deepens her passion for the sport and finds there is no better catalyst to fulfill her dreams than her own desire to achieve them.     


6. Shes the Man (2006 - Andy Fickman) 



Another soccer tale, where Viola, a brash, fearless, passionate young girl wants to make her professional soccer dreams come true. She finds just the perfect opportunity when her twin brother Sebastian makes the cut for a renown soccer club and is unable to attend. Viola decides to disguise herself as a boy in order to prove to the world that she's just as deserving as any of them to be a part of the team. Did we mention Channing Tatum's in it?


So there you have it, a few of our favorite sports films that exemplify dynamic, independent young women. By no means are we saying these films are perfect but they highlight that girls can be powerful leading roles and signal a break from the average male-dominated sports films where girls are made to be simple side characters. They're also a ton of fun to watch people!

A few honorable mentions -

Serena (2014 Susanne Bier)

Secretariat (2010 Randall Wallace)

The Cutting Edge (1992 Paul Michael Glaser)

Whip It (2009 - Drew Barrymore)

Blue Crush (2002 - John Stockwell) 

Motocrossed (2001 Steve Boyum)

Gotta Kick it Up! (2002 Ramón Menéndez)

Stick It (2006 Jessica Bendinger)    

What are some of your favorites from this genre? Any that we missed? Let us know in the comments!


 Environmental Responsibility


At SOAS we wanted to touch on an issue today that we have long incorporated into our business model since the inception of our company. An issue that is at the core of everything we do.

The unfathomable amount of waste that is created by the textile industry can no longer be ignored. It has been found to be one of the leading causes of pollution worldwide, second only to the oil industry. So what does this mean and what can we do to combat this?

Many clothing manufacturers focus solely on pumping out high volume, low quality products which take massive amounts of energy to create. The waste created from these items then grows due to the fact that these low quality fabrics aren’t made to last very long and are consequently quickly thrown away. These fabrics are left to amass in landfills that are ill-equipped to properly dispose of them.

Much of the harmful chemicals and pollutants left over from manufacturing ends up being thrown away carelessly and dumped into bodies of water without proper treatment. The same rivers and streams that families and children might be swimming in. The textile industry has ravaged the farmlands of places such as India, Bangladesh, and Cambodia, where environmental regulations are lax or nonexistent. 

The environmental consequences of this type of behavior being pushed by fast fashion corporations then becomes evident, but that’s not the only issue at hand. This type of cheap, large-scale production also leaves the workers creating these clothes in horrifying, sweatshop-like conditions ,striving to earn enough just to survive. One only has to look to the 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh to get a disturbing glimpse into the daily life that is the reality of many of these textile workers.

With this information we asked ourselves at SOAS the steps we could take to ensure we weren’t partaking in the types of activities that would harm our planet and those that live on it.

We have taken every step to minimize the amount of waste created through our manufacturing processes. We mitigate waste by repurposing as much fabric as we can and reselling our remaining fabric swatches at a highly discounted price to ensure that even though we weren't able to use it someone else can. We also repurpose our sublimation paper which has helped tremendously in reducing the amount of waste we generate here at SOAS.   

At SOAS our emphasis has always been on quality, not price. We will never sell clothes that are cheap and disposable. We create clothes that are made to endure years of intensive wear and hard work. We create clothes that are of the highest quality, with fabrics that are sustainably and responsibly sourced. We manufacture and design all of our products in-house at our San Diego headquarters and ensure all members of our team are compensated fairly. Here at SOAS we emphasize the importance of transparency. We are proud of where our clothes come from. We are proud of how we create them, and we want you to be proud wearing them. 



The SOAS Team 


Summer Favorites

August 07, 2017



So somehow it’s already August which means summer is practically over…which also means we’re one month closer to Kona! As we start getting ready for all that is IronMan we decided we would start off the week by highlighting some of our favorite things we’ve been enjoying so far this summer. 

Obviously kind of obsessing over our Sleeveless Speed Series 2.0 One Piece that launched for Pre-Sale today. It’s so lightweight and comfortable we low-key want to live in it, and the fact that it’s super cute doesn’t hurt either. 

Female Triathlon One Piece

We’ve been really into our Speed Series 2.0 in general to be honest. Something about those colors and the fit just gets to us man…

Female Triathlon Kit

I mean look at that, just look at it! Can’t beat it. We literally can’t even.

(One more photo just because we're nice...)

Female Triathlon Kit

On a more serious note...

We've been very appreciative of all of the incredible work a lot of fantastic organizations have been doing right here in San Diego to help out our community. There are so many hardworking organizations that do so much on an everyday basis to make the lives of the less fortunate here in our city better, and we couldn't possibly name them all, but we'd like to take the time to shout out a couple. 

The Princess Project is a group based out of San Diego that works to foster self-confidence in young women. Through their donations they are able to provide free prom dresses for girls that otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford buying any themselves. As a women's specific company we are fully invested in doing our part to make women of all kinds feel beautiful and empowered in their own bodies, and The Princess Project echoes these values by celebrating all body types. Not only do they help support these young girls to be able to attend such a special milestone in life, but they also provide purposeful, meaningful volunteer and leadership opportunities for women in the area. We think the work the Princess Project is doing is incredibly helpful for young women in promoting growth and confidence. If you would like to donate your time, or become more familiar with their program, feel free to check them out at  

YALLA, which stands for Youth and Leaders Living Actively, is a nonprofit that was initially created as a response to the growing refugee crisis in San Diego, particularly in El Cajon which houses the highest number of refugees in San Diego County. Their program provides children with a safe, healthy, productive environment to be active in, and interact with other children in. Each student is given a unique academic curriculum to best suit their own background and goals. They help children develop skillsets that they can then transfer to other areas of their lives, both academically and professionally. The ultimate goal is to help these youths better prepare for college and take what they have learned from the program to inspire their own communities in turn. For more information and to see all the wonderful work YALLA is doing check out their website at   

Lastly, but certainly not least, we’ve recently re-discovered the wonder that is Trader Joe’s. We may have gotten a little bit too into their Brownie Crisps this summer. Not that we’re admitting to having finished an entire bag in one sitting or anything like that, of course not. Definitely wouldn't admit to that having occurred multiple times in a row either, nope. All we're saying is the next time you hit up good old TJ’s you might want to grab one...maybe three, and maybe pick up some Cookie Butter while you're at it.


Let us know some of your favorite things you've been enjoying this summer down below in the comments!    


Female Cycling Triathlon

We wanted to kickstart this week by sharing some of the incredibly moving journeys of our very own Ambassadors here at SOAS. We’re very lucky to have such an inspiring, thoughtful group of fierce women working with us and thought we would share some of their stories with all of you. We wanted to take the time to highlight the fact that behind every athlete is a journey, behind every human is a struggle. Nobody is perfect. Nobody gets to where they are by chance. We work every day to get a little bit better, a little bit stronger, a little bit faster. We hope you may find strength and solace in some of the stories our Ambassadors were kind enough to share with all of us today.

Dayle Carroll

Dayle has been an Ambassador with SOAS for three years and while triathlon has helped her with maintaining her physical health it’s also done a great deal for her emotional well being as well. Dayle began to struggle with body issues following her battle with unexplained infertility and two miscarriages. She began to feel frustrated with her own body for not being able to handle what seemed so simple for so many other women. Competing in triathlons helped remind Dayle of how amazing and strong her own body was. She was able to reconnect with herself, both physically and mentally through the grueling journey that is triathlon. Dayle’s currently training towards completing her first marathon this year and her first Full Ironman next year!

Leslie Pribyl

In Spring of 2004 Leslie’s father was diagnosed with Amyloidosis, a rare and incurable disease that quickly encroached on his kidneys and heart. Leslie’s father was one of her biggest supporters and fans as she began her journey in the Triathlon world. As Leslie was preparing to run her first ever IM she began to worry that her father wouldn’t be able to make it to see her run it in August. By July her Father could hardly walk, but come 5:00 AM on the day of Leslie’s IM he showed up on a rented scooter to cheer Leslie on and complete his volunteer duties for the race. He was there to cheer her on and witness his daughter complete her very first IM. Her Father unfortunately passed December 25th of that year but he has remained an immeasurable source of inspiration and guidance for Leslie throughout the years. Every race day Leslie wears a teardrop pendant with her Father’s ashes to remind her to never give up and persevere throughout her journey, the same way her Father always encouraged her to. 

Amy Coley Derouin 

Our Ambassador Amy has been running cross country and track since her middle school days but decided to take a break from it after high school when life became too hectic, but then life decided it had other plans. Her father ended up qualifying for the Boston marathon on his first attempt. His accomplishment motivated her to sign up and train for the Boston 5k herself. She made the trip over for the 2013 Boston marathon to support him on the sidelines.

Following the race the unthinkable happened. The explosions went off as they made it back to their hotel. They managed to make it through the day unscathed but it was at that moment, under circumstances that would have left most terrified, that Amy decided that she had to be a marathoner. Instead of letting a horrific moment like that instill fear in her heart, it did just the opposite. In the face of terror Amy looked it head on with bravery. She began her foray into the world of triathlon and never looked back. 

At age 22 Amy was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, but in no way did she let that slow her down. She’s run multiple marathons since and even one Olympic Triathlon. Despite the challenges that Amy has faced in her life she has chosen to turn every obstacle into an opportunity to get a little bit better, train a little bit harder, run a little bit faster.

More Ambassador Stories

Between wedding gown fittings, full-time work, and school Rebecca Aquino managed to find the time to run a grueling mountain stage. Along the way she found that every hour of training also helped her to get back to loving herself.


When Sally Atwood’s good friend decided to organize a 400 mile bike ride from Solihull to Brussels (in only 4 days no less!) Sally decided to take a leap of faith and join in. She focused all of her energy on training and even helped organize the event. Thus began her love for triathlon and she's been competing ever since.


When Shannon Greene broke her pelvis she decided that wasn’t going to keep her from USAT Collegiate Nationals. Even though she had to walk the entire 10k she was determined to participate and finish. A mere three months from then she ended up setting a personal record at 70.3, and then did the same thing three months later! She even qualified for 70.3 world championships.


Even though Jenna Alexis has epilepsy, which puts her at risk every time she decides to race, she never let that keep her from racing.


We hope this handful of stories from our courageous lady ambassadors here at SOAS will serve as a reminder to always push through what life may throw your way and to remember that every obstacle we fight through gets us to where we need to be. 

Best of luck,

The SOAS Team 

Female Cycling Mountains

Women Cycling Gear


The inspiration behind our company has always been a passion for making sure that athletes around the world could look and feel like the powerful, kick-ass warriors that they are. SOAS began with the conviction that women should be able to compete at the highest levels without having to squeeze into uncomfortable, lackluster training gear. Too often we came across the inevitable dilemma—to feel comfortable or feel good. Here at SOAS we decided—why not both? 

We want women all over to be able to embrace what makes them feel powerful without having to sacrifice style. We want women to be able to feel like themselves, whether they’re in the middle of a grueling marathon or sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

We at SOAS personally understand the struggle of trying to decide between training gear that’s comfortable but boring, attractive but chafing, stylish but unflattering. As female athletes we’ve lived these struggles. We’ve worn that pair of spandex that chafes in all the wrong places, those bike shorts that keep riding down, that constricting sports bra. We know when you’re uncomfortable it can keep you from being the best you you can be.

Female Cycling Gear Triathlon

That’s why we set out to create endurance apparel with three guiding principles in mind: Fashion, Fit, and Function. We’ve made sure to incorporate these three values in everything we create, to ensure the highest quality gear for women everywhere. We’ve created a collection that we’re proud of, that we wear ourselves, that we feel unstoppable in. So join us! Leave a comment below letting us know what inspires you.

Renee Makimaa - A SOAS Brand Ambassador's take on training through injury.

I am an endurance junky. I love racing the 70.3 distance. Although training for it can sometimes be a challenge. I work full time and have two young daughters, so every minute of my day is put to use. Up for the first workout before the sun comes up and back for the second workout after work. I never considered racing a 140.6. I didn’t know how I could possibly find more time to train. Well, this was the year. After coming home from the NYC Marathon last year, I decided to sign up for Ironman Florida. During my training for New York, I struggled with Achilles issues. It took me a while to feel good again after that race. In January, I raced HITS Naples 70.3. I struggled through the run. My left shin gave me terrible trouble. A few weeks later, I knew I was in trouble when my gate changed in an effort to avoid the pain. So I spent the next two months swimming and biking and doing therapy on my leg in hopes to be back on the road soon.


After taking the directed time off from running, I slowly started back on the road. Three weeks into it, I had another crippling run. Beyond frustrated, I went for an MRI which confirmed a Tibia stress fracture. Into the boot I went for the next 7 weeks.
As I often do when I am struggling, I thought of my amazing SOAS teammates. These are some of the strongest women I know. They inspire me every day with their amazing accomplishments. A group of women who have become my family. We share our journeys with each other. The training, the racing, the struggles, the injuries, the magical moments of exceeding our goals. We support each other in sport and in life. We share our triumphs and our struggles, from work stress, to being a single parent, to difficulties starting a family, to divorce, to devastating life threatening diagnosis. And we are reminded that it is the struggles that pull us closer together and make us stronger as a team and an individual. It is in these moments that I find gratitude.

I am now 11 weeks out from Ironman Florida. I have spent a lot of time focused on my swim and my bike, but have much room for improvement. I worry about how I will hold up on the run. But I am listening to my coach. I believe in him. Knowing that whatever race day has in store for me, I know I will have done everything I possibly could have to be prepared.

I chose this. I am enjoying the journey; because it is not just about race day, but all of the moments that bring you to the start line. And those are the moments that I will take with me on race day.

So when the alarm goes off at 4am for my first workout, the question I ask myself is, “How bad do you want it?”…and the answer is my feet hitting the floor.

- Renee Makimaa

San Diego, CA – SOAS Racing proudly announces In The Gym, a collection of workout wear and fitness-inspired lifestyle apparel designed to answer every woman’s need for functional, fashionable, fabulous-fitting basics for spin class, weight training, Pilates or casual coffee shop comfort.
“In The Gym has something for every woman,” says SOAS Racing founder Steph Swanson. “Whether fitness classes are your main focus, or you’re a hard-core cyclist or triathlete looking for subtle yet sophisticated gear when you take your training inside, In The Gym satisfies your needs with the same attention to design and detail as all our SOAS Racing gear. Plus, the lifestyle pieces provide fantastic casual kick around or travel options, when the desire for comfort and style go hand in hand.”
The original women’s specific triathlon apparel brand founded in 2010, SOAS Racing added cycling and running apparel and accessories to the mix in 2012. Recently, SOAS launched the company’s first comprehensive line for discerning female cyclists. With the addition of the In The Gym collection, the brand expands its reach to embrace women interested in a broader range of fitness and healthy lifestyle activities.

“SOAS is known around the world for our bright, bold, unique designs,” says
Swanson. “While that is certainly our signature style, we know there are times
when women simply want a solid black short. With In The Gym, you have basics that go above and beyond in terms of unbeatable function and flattering fit.”
The SOAS Racing In The Gym collection includes a tri/spin tank and short, a flowy tech fabric tank, a cross-back bra, a tech fabric board short and a casual jogger pant. As with all SOAS Racing apparel, In The Gym is designed and developed in-house in San Diego, with all items in stock now and available for international purchase at

Proudly made and designed in Southern California, SOAS Racing is women’s specific sports and lifestyle apparel at its best. Originally inspired by women triathletes in search of training and racing gear that ticks the boxes of fashion, fit and function, SOAS Racing has evolved to appeal to cyclists, runners, yoginis, wahines and any woman wanting to look and feel fine – whether on the race course or at the coffee shop. Learn more and explore the entire SOAS Racing line at

Media contact:
Holly Bennett

San Diego, CA – SOAS Racing, widely recognized as a pioneering brand in women’s athletic apparel, today rolls out the company’s first comprehensive cycling specific product line. The 2016 SOAS Cycling collection includes performance bib shorts, jerseys vests, baselayers and warmers.

“SOAS Cycling developed in direct response to customer demand,” says SOAS Racing founder Steph Swanson. “We have a loyal following of women athletes who have been begging for bib shorts and more bike-specific apparel that delivers on the ‘fashion, fit, function’ mission of our brand. We’ve had countless requests from female cyclists to expand further into that market.”

While SOAS Racing was originally established in 2010 in order to fill the void in the women’s triathlon market, Swanson says she quickly realized that the call for apparel designed to satisfy savvy, stylish sportswomen went beyond the swim-bike-run racing niche. “There was a whole lot of ‘pink it and shrink it’ – but not a whole lot else – available to women cyclists, runners and even gym-goers,” says Swanson.

In 2012, the company added a variety of cycling and running apparel to the SOAS product mix. “We’ve offered certain core bike and run specific items for several years, but this is our first foray into a full product line with a design focus targeted to the unique demands of cycling,” says Swanson. “Our ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive line specific to each of these markets and more, so that athletic women will feel comfortable and catered to, both performance and style-wise, while working out and hanging out.”

The SOAS Cycling line offers numerous features key to spending quality time in the saddle, while simultaneously embracing the brand’s distinctive aesthetic style. The bib short features premium fully lined compression fabric, designed to withstand rigorous wear and which is fully sublimated from strap to hem. Additional details include a custom Italian-made chamois, No-Need Grip leg openings, two secret side stash pockets and chafe-resistant merrow seaming.

The jersey combines aerodynamic R.P. FLEK and MICRO FLESHFLEK fabrics, Sleek Sleeve design, a full-length locking zipper with smooth single-hand operation, a rear no-rise hem gripper and three back storage pockets. The cycling vest features MICRO WOVENFLEK fabric and ventilating mesh panels, a full-length locking zipper and a bias-cut hem to prevent riding up. Rounding out the cycling line are highly breathable, body-contoured baselayers and cozy arm and knee warmers, with THERMAFLEK fabric and three-panel anatomic construction.

SOAS Cycling apparel is designed, developed and fully-sublimated in-house in San Diego and available in each of the brand’s bold new 2016 graphic collections: Aquarius, Byron Bay, Red Geo and Ultramarine. The bib shorts, jerseys, vests and warmers are in stock now, with baselayers coming soon. All items are available for international purchase at

Proudly made and designed in Southern California, SOAS Racing is women’s specific sports and lifestyle apparel at its best. Originally inspired by women triathletes in search of training and racing gear that ticks the boxes of fashion, fit and function, SOAS Racing has evolved to appeal to cyclists, runners, yoginis, wahines and any woman wanting to look and feel fine – whether on the race course or at the coffee shop. Learn more and explore the entire SOAS Racing line at


Media contact:
Holly Bennett

San Diego, CA – At the forefront of innovation in women’s specific endurance apparel, SOAS Racing wows again with the introduction of four fresh new 2016 designs: Aquarius, Byron Bay, Red Geo and Ultramarine. The core of the brand’s 2016 collection, the new designs will integrate across the full range of SOAS Racing triathlon, cycling and running styles.

“Our design language reflects the vibe of our brand,” says Steph Swanson, owner and founder of SOAS Racing. “Our products project confidence and outside-the-box style. They’re created to help women achieve their personal performance goals in comfortable, functional apparel that’s infused with a unique sense of fashion and fun. We’re thrilled to introduce our 2016 collection and to start seeing these vibrant new designs in action on women around the world.”

The vanguard brand in performance apparel crafted by and for women, SOAS Racing’s popularity has grown ceaselessly since the company was established in 2010. Originally developed as a sophisticated and sassy style solution for women triathletes seeking more than a simple “shrink it and pink it” approach to training and racing apparel, the brand has evolved in response to consumer demand and an ever-increasing number of discerning female athletes.

Today, SOAS product offerings include triathlon, cycling and running performance apparel and accessories, along with a flourishing lifestyle line with pieces geared toward casual comfort coupled with fitness-inspired fashion.

Fundamental to the brand’s success and deep-seated sense of female-focused community is the SOAS Racing Ambassador Team, a global group of 100-plus women representing a wide variety of athletic backgrounds and abilities, united in their passion for sport and style. Highly active and always eager to support the efforts of their SOAS sisters as well as aspiring women athletes everywhere, SOAS ambassadors are easily identifiable in their standout custom team kits. The 2016 SOAS Racing Ambassador Team welcome packages shipped last week and the exclusive blue stripe team design will debut soon on race courses worldwide.

All four in-line 2016 SOAS Racing designs are in stock now and available for international purchase in tri tank, tri short, run tight and sports bra styles at Watch for run shorts, run tanks, cycling jerseys and arm warmers to follow in the weeks ahead.

Proudly made and designed in Southern California, SOAS Racing is women’s specific sports and lifestyle apparel at its best. Originally inspired by women triathletes in search of training and racing gear that ticks the boxes of fashion, fit and function, SOAS Racing has evolved to appeal to cyclists, runners, yoginis, wahines and any woman wanting to look and feel fine – whether on the race course or at the coffee shop. Learn more and explore the entire SOAS Racing line at

Media contact:
Holly Bennett

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