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September 05, 2014

Yeah, we know Monday was Labor Day and thus the official end to summer. But so what? Fall schmall, autumn schmautumn, winter schminter–we’re just not ready to say buh-bye to the sunshiney-warmth, beach cruiser rides, weekend wave splashing and oh-so-many other things that signify our favorite season.

At SOAS HQ, we’re actually busy extending our summer with some special pieces we’re creating for Kona. That’s right–we’re heading to the Big Island in October to celebrate the Ironman World Championship, and to spread some SOAS love aloha-style. Stay tuned for details on our expo plans and the unique items we’ll create for the event.

But if you can’t jet off to Kona or some other exotic locale to extend the sweet warmth of summer, there are still ways to feel beachy and balmy year-round. An easy trick involves a summery scent–for example, try Bath & Body Works’ Coconut Lime Breeze lotion and you’ll be temporarily transported to the tropics even in the thick of winter. Or, ditch the chill of an early morning run, opting instead to sweat it out at lunchtime, making the most of peak midday sunshine before the seasons truly shift.

Of course, one of the best ways to be sure you sizzle throughout the year is to add a YOWZA burst of bright color to every outfit. We’re talking well beyond white–though we absolutely endorse wearing it past Labor Day. Oomph up your wardrobe with inspired colors like the aqua and orange tones ones you’ll find in our Coral Lummi kit, or the fuchsia that accents our Houndstooth 2.0 ensemble. Sure, wear them while working out–but also give your everyday wear a light, bright boost with lively layers and accents. Let a long tangerine tank peek out from under wooly winter neutrals, or try a neon lime scarf over dark fall thermals.

Use colors, scents and pockets of precious sunshine to push back against the encroaching cold and you’ll be amazed at how well you can hang onto a sparkly, sun-kissed attitude!

- The SOAS Crew

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