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July 25, 2017 1 Comment

Women Cycling Gear


The inspiration behind our company has always been a passion for making sure that athletes around the world could look and feel like the powerful, kick-ass warriors that they are. SOAS began with the conviction that women should be able to compete at the highest levels without having to squeeze into uncomfortable, lackluster training gear. Too often we came across the inevitable dilemma—to feel comfortable or feel good. Here at SOAS we decided—why not both? 

We want women all over to be able to embrace what makes them feel powerful without having to sacrifice style. We want women to be able to feel like themselves, whether they’re in the middle of a grueling marathon or sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

We at SOAS personally understand the struggle of trying to decide between training gear that’s comfortable but boring, attractive but chafing, stylish but unflattering. As female athletes we’ve lived these struggles. We’ve worn that pair of spandex that chafes in all the wrong places, those bike shorts that keep riding down, that constricting sports bra. We know when you’re uncomfortable it can keep you from being the best you you can be.

Female Cycling Gear Triathlon

That’s why we set out to create endurance apparel with three guiding principles in mind: Fashion, Fit, and Function. We’ve made sure to incorporate these three values in everything we create, to ensure the highest quality gear for women everywhere. We’ve created a collection that we’re proud of, that we wear ourselves, that we feel unstoppable in. So join us! Leave a comment below letting us know what inspires you.

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July 26, 2017

I’m incredibly inspired when people tackle their Big Hairy Audacious Goals! It can be incredibly scary to put yourself out there and try for something that means so much to you, but that journey is so inspiring to watch. I had a friend that really wanted to tackle a Gran Fondo…she bought a bike, learned to clip in, and joined me for a few rides, all before her first fondo a few weeks later. It was something she really wanted to do and she tackled it like a complete boss. It was amazing to watch!

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