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August 07, 2017


So somehow it’s already August which means summer is practically over…which also means we’re one month closer to Kona! As we start getting ready for all that is IronMan we decided we would start off the week by highlighting some of our favorite things we’ve been enjoying so far this summer. 

Obviously kind of obsessing over our Sleeveless Speed Series 2.0 One Piece that launched for Pre-Sale today. It’s so lightweight and comfortable we low-key want to live in it, and the fact that it’s super cute doesn’t hurt either. 

Female Triathlon One Piece

We’ve been really into our Speed Series 2.0 in general to be honest. Something about those colors and the fit just gets to us man…

Female Triathlon Kit

I mean look at that, just look at it! Can’t beat it. We literally can’t even.

(One more photo just because we're nice...)

Female Triathlon Kit

On a more serious note...

We've been very appreciative of all of the incredible work a lot of fantastic organizations have been doing right here in San Diego to help out our community. There are so many hardworking organizations that do so much on an everyday basis to make the lives of the less fortunate here in our city better, and we couldn't possibly name them all, but we'd like to take the time to shout out a couple. 

The Princess Project is a group based out of San Diego that works to foster self-confidence in young women. Through their donations they are able to provide free prom dresses for girls that otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford buying any themselves. As a women's specific company we are fully invested in doing our part to make women of all kinds feel beautiful and empowered in their own bodies, and The Princess Project echoes these values by celebrating all body types. Not only do they help support these young girls to be able to attend such a special milestone in life, but they also provide purposeful, meaningful volunteer and leadership opportunities for women in the area. We think the work the Princess Project is doing is incredibly helpful for young women in promoting growth and confidence. If you would like to donate your time, or become more familiar with their program, feel free to check them out at  

YALLA, which stands for Youth and Leaders Living Actively, is a nonprofit that was initially created as a response to the growing refugee crisis in San Diego, particularly in El Cajon which houses the highest number of refugees in San Diego County. Their program provides children with a safe, healthy, productive environment to be active in, and interact with other children in. Each student is given a unique academic curriculum to best suit their own background and goals. They help children develop skillsets that they can then transfer to other areas of their lives, both academically and professionally. The ultimate goal is to help these youths better prepare for college and take what they have learned from the program to inspire their own communities in turn. For more information and to see all the wonderful work YALLA is doing check out their website at   

Lastly, but certainly not least, we’ve recently re-discovered the wonder that is Trader Joe’s. We may have gotten a little bit too into their Brownie Crisps this summer. Not that we’re admitting to having finished an entire bag in one sitting or anything like that, of course not. Definitely wouldn't admit to that having occurred multiple times in a row either, nope. All we're saying is the next time you hit up good old TJ’s you might want to grab one...maybe three, and maybe pick up some Cookie Butter while you're at it.


Let us know some of your favorite things you've been enjoying this summer down below in the comments!    

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