Brand Ambassadors


We are proud to have an amazing group of ladies represent Team SOAS this year! Simply put, our brand wouldn’t exist without incredible women like these ambassadors–they’re the heart and soul of what we do. And in a sport that, like so many others, is often male-dominated, it's great to see so many women join together to support and encourage one another.

Our team members rally behind their fellow ambassadors as well as their competitors while training and racing and they have a great time doing it–whether they’re in the front of the pack, the back of the pack or somewhere smack in the middle. At the end of the day, no matter what distance they tackle or what time they tally, all our team members are bonded by their love for swimming, biking and running.
Here at SOAS we are touched and inspired daily by the love for sport these women exhibit, the journeys triathlon has taken them on and the hardships it has helped them through. We eagerly follow their antics via their various blogs, Facebook, twitter and instagram accounts. It’s truly incredible to witness the sense of community our team members have already created around SOAS, and we can’t wait to be a part of their continued adventures this year.
Cheers to our team and an amazing 2016!!!