OVER LOCK stitches create incredibly soft seams due to how neatly needle loops are set into seams. In combination with our FLUFF THREAD these seams are perfect for high friction areas. Used on our Tri Tanks, Tri Shorts, and Cycling Jerseys.



FLAT LOCK sewing is a technique creating flat seams while increasing strength and reduces chaffing. Always used in combination with our FLUFF THREAD on our SOAS Running Tops.



MERROW stitches are very soft and do not resemble typical seams. Created on a specific machine only for this seam they are some of the strongest, most comfortable seams. They are great for areas on the body where there is lots movement. Merrow seams are used on our Tri Shorts, Run Tights, and Knee Warmers.



FLUFF THREAD is different than typical activewear thread. It is soft, fluffy (hence the name) and stretchy. This allows it to stretch and move with your garment while not creating friction that many other threads tend to cause. We use this thread on any SOAS garment where thread touches your skin.