About Us


SOAS is a fashion forward, women's specific endurance company. Named after the Iliopsoas muscle found in the body's core is a major muscle for endurance athletes. The psoas makes the shape of a wing that can be found on the top of the "O" in our logo. 


We started out as one of the pioneering women's specific triathlon clothing lines years ago. To this very day we are finding that the need for edgy, sophisticated, high-end women's endurance apparel stretches far beyond just triathlon.


SOAS has always offered more than boring black shorts and overly exaggerated "girlie" pink tops: To this day we are sticking to our roots. "Pink it and Shrink it" is just not acceptable in our eyes. Who says you can't have clothing that is attractive, functional, and fits your body properly... well maybe some of our competitors. That's why we have built an amazing team of athletes, designers, and loyal followers to change the perspective of what's acceptable for women's endurance apparel.


Fashion, Fit, and Function have been our highest priority since day one and will continue to be our three commandments as we move into the future. We are dedicated to creating clothes that are functional, stylish, and able to withstand the rigors of high-mileage training and racing. We design clothes that can flatter a women's body, even if it is spandex. We know where chafing occurs, where support is needed, and what items a women needs for a long day of training because we live in our products. We are not men trying to design women's clothing, we are our own target market, women who train and race but want to look attractive doing it.



So here it is, our mission is to continue to bring the women of endurance sports a means of feeling strong without giving up feeling feminine. We hope you will enjoy our line-up. With all you do in training and life you deserve to look great, and we are dedicated to bringing you a product that does just that.


Thanks for all the love and support!


The SOAS Team